Cloud, Hosted, VoIP - What's the Difference?

Posted by Christina Aguglia on 11/11/16 2:14 PM

 Cloud, hosted and VoIP are used interchangeably, but should they be?

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Managing Remote Workers Tips & Tools

Posted by Megan Zenger on 11/7/16 4:50 PM

 Workers no longer need to work on-site in order to be a part of a company. With the collaborative technology available today, people are able to work from just about anywhere. Although some may not see the benefits of this, it is important to keep in mind that work can still be done efficiently and effectively. This provides today's companies a deeper candidate pool removing geographical limitations. However, it is important to remember that managing team of remote workers is very different from a team of on-site workers.  Some tactics to help you manage your remote workers include...

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Unified Communcations, Collaboration & Human Resources

Posted by Megan Zenger on 10/27/16 11:20 PM
Unified Communications (UC) have become essential to all businesses for various reasons. UC makes communication easier and more personal internally as well as externally. Building strong relationships with the proper communication tools is especially beneficial for the human resources department.
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What's the cents in transitioning to VoIP?

Posted by Courtney Black on 10/26/16 1:26 PM

There are so many ways VoIP can lower communications cost while enhancing revenue.

Some of the financial benefits of implementing VoIP communications include:

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How Millennials are Helping Shape the Future of Communications

Posted by Christina Aguglia on 10/17/16 1:30 PM

Digital communication has become second nature to most millennials - growing up using tablets, laptops, and smartphones, this generation especially is used to instantaneous communication.  Whether its texting, Snapchat, or Facebook, they're expectation is to have "immediate gratification". For your business this means that from here on out you can expect your millennial employees to get frustrated by the legacy systems that lack speed and modern amenities.  

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