Marketing For Growth: A Unified Approach

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 09/07/18 11:55 AM
Emmi Sauls

You have perfected your marketing, won the sale and now have a customer that needs nurturing throughout their journey. Are you prepared to provide them with exceptional customer service? It is essential to think about your business communications strategy and what systems you have available for your team to provide seamless customer service.  You may just find that you are next in line for a technology refresh. When you have outgrown a basic phone service, it is time to bring in a fresh set of tools that keep your business as connected as it felt day one- and let's face it, a lot has changed since then. This is not your grandfather's rotary dial.


Marketing often leads to expansion. As you expand, it is critical that you keep a pulse on your customer service. The best way to find the pitfalls is by personally auditing every avenue a potential customer could take. Try doing the following: 

Evaluate your phone system menu and call flow!
If your menu is confusing or your call flow takes you to an extension that no longer has personnel on the other end, imagine how frustrated incoming callers are getting. Why press 32 numbers and then a series of #'s and *'s to talk to a representative when they can reach a competitor on the first try instead? And if you haven't customized your company's voicemail yet, we are ashamed of you - let us help. 

View your website pages in different browsers and across all devices!
Make sure that all of your content is visible, correctly linked to the corresponding pages, and responsive for desktop and mobile viewers. Pay attention to speed too! If your site is taking too long to load because of lengthy back-end coding or extremely large file sizes, that may be where you are losing visitors. 

Now is the hard part... how are your current tools supporting your employees and customers? Have you stepped into the shoes of a customer? What is it like to get a hold of your business? All of these questions are important when you are growing. You will often see symptoms associated with growth like:

- Slow network connection because you have too many devices on your network

- Poor quality calls, phone calls dropping or sounding digitized

- Struggling employees who spend their lunch sharing woes of... "I wish we had ________" *statements that usually cause you to band-aid your problems*

When you get there, often it takes some time to figure it all out- especially when you are so focused on growing. It is then that Ronco can help. Either with network support, helping you define your needs and identify the best solutions or with communications solutions that connect your people with your customers. 

Our solutions help your workforce grow and maximize potential.  When you are ready, give us a call at 888.84.RONCO 
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