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The Cloud Solution for Seamless Connectivity
For decades, the demand for flexibility in where and how people workfalse
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Is Sound Masking the Same as White Noise?
What is sound masking? It is the process of adding background soundfalse
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Let's Huddle
Huddle spaces are becoming a standard in modern day workfalse
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New and Improved - Avaya IP Office R11
Avaya IP Office has been on the market since 2002 in North America.false
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The Rise of Employee Experience and How UC Can Help
Employee Experience, or EX, is a relatively new term that is comingfalse
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Extreme Management Center: A Tool That Does the Hard Work for You
Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to manage yourfalse
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Why Do You Need a Headset?
What can a headset do for you? Besides simplifying functionality,false
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Marketing For Growth: A Unified Approach
You have perfected your marketing, won the sale and now have afalse
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How To Ensure Your Remote Team Members Remain Engaged
Digital technologies have completely changed how the world doesfalse