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Posted by Tessa Jermy on 02/07/19 09:24 AM
Tessa Jermy

Avaya IP Office has been on the market since 2002 in North America. Over 640,000 physical systems have been sold. This system is a, "tried and true platform" according to Matt Furrer, Systems Engineer with Avaya. 

Avaya IP Office

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The Avaya IP Office system brings flexibility and scale together, making it a powerful system that is designed to grow with your organization. In short, this product investment has proven to be future proof.  

With an Avaya IP Office system, there is a constant evolution. Interestingly, Avaya improves and creates new products with the old ones in mind. That is, everything can be interconnected. So, as you grow and require new technology, it isn't a full-scale replacement, instead, take a newer model and connect it to the old. 

The system even provides options for cloud migration. With a hybrid configuration, which is a combination of both cloud and on-premise technology, you can create your own upgrade path, making a transition in platform at a pace that works for your business.  "It is not necessary to do a full rip and replace of a network just to get an updated system," Matt Furrer. 

Avaya IP Office isn't just for big corporations but prides itself for being developed with smaller business markets in mind. The system was designed to be management friendly.  Avaya IPO realizes that most businesses don't have a full on-site tech team, and is committed to making sure one isn't required.

Avaya IP Office is exceptionally fluid in that it can function on many different networks. IP, digital, and even analog phones work well with it. From headsets to handsets, IPO works. Moreover, from a design standpoint, the future is IP. However, we realize that not all businesses have the infrastructure or the budget to implement VoIP. Avaya IPO also acknowledges and seeks to provide solutions for the mom-and-pop shops too. 

So why am I telling you this? 

Well,  Avaya IP Office launched its newest software version: R11. 

R11 has the same general features as in previous years, and of course, is applicable for any size business. What is new is that it embeds Avaya UC into applications you already use (think google apps, office 365, outlook, etc.). This unique design gives you the same capabilities you need (IM, click to call, directory integration), but introduces a new client: Avaya Equinox. 

Avaya Equinox was designed with mobile applications in mind because of the future of businesses moving in that direction. This means that "one-touch access" is possible. Some features that come out of this are:

  • Equinox Meetings online: up to 100 parties in a video, and you simultaneously see 28 of them. Sharing your desktop is a great feature as well. 
  • Avaya Spaces. Real-time communication through your browser is easier than ever, just send your link to up to four other people. 
  • Avaya Vantage: basic client (audio and video) HD camera with privacy shutter. It also features a wide band hands-free audio speakerphone with a cordless Bluetooth or wired handset. 
  • IP Office Media Manager: web-based,  cloud-aware, with a native voice call recording solution. The licensing has been simplified with two options, basic or power user. 

If you would like the full run-down of what Avaya IP Office R11 is, what is included, some frequent questions and some on-hand slides check out this Webinar that was created:

See the Webinar Now! 

Another must see webinar topic is the Xima Chronicall / Avaya ACR. This product brings a lot of functionality to an IP Office implementation.  Avaya Call Reporting allows you to access 50 different reports ran over 100 different ways. You can also find add-on modules to enhance this Reporting tool, leading to custom reports wizards that show you how to build precisely what you want to be reported. 

Find out how Edina Realty invested in Avaya IP Office and Xima Chronicall. They started out with standard reports (looking into abandoned call rates, long wait times, and customer satisfaction reports). Then they added on real-time reporting (which details agent experience and alerts and triggers). It really improved the quality of their customer service in ways that without this system, they weren't even aware of.

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