Why What We Do Matters: A Ronco Story

Posted by Liz Sujka on 09/11/18 03:20 PM
Liz Sujka

When what you do as a company makes a difference, it is more than a mission statement or a company value. It is about who you are collectively and what that means to the people you serve. I have to share a story that one of our technicians shared via an email chain.


Let me start with this - our organization is made up of a group of problem solvers. I personally think that every day each of us gets out of bed looking to overcome a challenge - simply put, that is the Ronco way and the ideology of our founder Harry Ronan. What these challenges are and whom we help changes from day to day but, at our core, you will find people that enjoy overcoming obstacles to achieve an outcome that ultimately improves something. With that being said, read on...

The Technician to the Manager: 

"As we talked about last night, the grand opening of the auditorium was held. It was an Alumni Concert, open to the public and it was a great success. The community and the school are very pleased with the auditorium, and it was highly regarded by the school and the architect that we assisted with the show last night.

I did receive one very personal compliment that, to me, embodies why we, and I personally, do what we do. After the show, as I was at the stage wrapping a cable, an elderly gentleman approached me and asked if I was the sound guy. I replied that I was, and what happened next absolutely floored me. With tears in his eyes, and visibly choked up, he pointed to his hearing aid and cochlear implant and proceeded to thank me because this was the first time since 1996 that he was able to hear, understand, and enjoy any concert or event.

This concert was held with the barest of bones systems, the room was un-tuned, the assistive listening was not operating, and the delay speakers weren’t operating. This was done with the main stack only.

As I told you, this compliment meant the world to me because it truly validates what we do and the struggles we overcome to create these great spaces.

Thanks for your support over the past two weeks as we rushed to get this system running for this event."

The Manager to the Technician and the Entire Support Team: 

"Great Job *Technician*!

Exactly right! This is why we do what we do. The smile, satisfaction, and happiness of not only the customer but those people our customers serve as well.

Your hard work and dedication are very much appreciated! I know this job, in particular, had a very tight timeline and you did everything possible to get it ready and usable for the customer and their event.

Great job to all those that helped as well! Without your help, this would not have been accomplished as successfully as it was.

<< He continued on to specifically call out each person by name and share how they specifically contributed to and supported the successful outcome of the project>>

And all those people who lent a hand.

Way to be a team everyone! This is what it’s all about, working together to make the customer happy and create a new Ronco Customer Family Member. It’s these things that will not be forgotten when the customer has a new need for service.

Great Job Everyone!"

From the Manager's Manager to the Entire Team - 

"What a feel-good compliment and thanks to all the hard work, commitment, and urgency that went into making this project a success! It takes an entire village to make the magic happen!

We appreciate all of you!

Have a great weekend team!"

As I read through this, I feel tremendously proud to be a part of this organization that is made up of such wonderful people that individually are amazing but when combined, are able to create meaningful, lasting impacts for the people they touch! We, as #TeamRonco, work day in and day out to ensure that our founder's devotion to a more connected world is carried out with passion. 

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