5 Considerations When Searching For a Telephony Provider

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 10/9/17 10:37 AM

You are in the market to upgrade your company's business communications system, so that means you're doing your research- Which solutions will enable your current users to do more with less? What does the budget allow? Which provider will ensure these needs are met, under budget and will support you after? Woaahh. This process is an investment in not only time and money, but in your people and how they work. It will ultimately streamline business workflow, reduce the IT department's workload and lower cost of operations… who doesn't want that? 


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Solution Spotlight: Avaya IP Office Platform

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 8/22/17 3:18 PM

With user experience at the root of business success, it is more imperative than ever to optimize customer and employee satisfaction. 2 out of every 5 of your customers will make the move to your competitor based solely on their superior customer service even if that means settling for an inferior product or service. It's easy to boost that satisfaction, strengthen customer relationships and empower employee productivity with the implementation of the right technology solutions. Turn customer engagement into YOUR competitive advantage with the Avaya IP Office Platform.

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5 Components to Consider When Evaluating your Business Phone System

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/13/17 2:33 PM

During your day to day business operations what's something that's consistantly passing through your mind? - The answer to that is definitley based on how well your business is performing and how much money you are making....not how well your phones are functioning. The only time businesses seem to worry about their phone system is, when it's not working.  Often times, we just put up with the occational extention not functioning or create a work around for the system not doing what we need it to do becuase, it is a lot of work and a lot of money to get a new system - Right?  Well, the bottom line is, if you haven't looked into a new system or contacted a vendor to look into it for you, it can likely cost you more than you think.   


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Voice: A Millennial Perspective

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 7/6/17 2:57 PM

Growing up I used to love rushing home from school to call my friends on our house phone. I was just with them and yet, I had so much to talk about when it was my turn to use the phone. I would spend hours hiding from my parents while I gossiped about so and so on the football team or that one teacher who totally ruined my class average in Trigonometry.  So -  why am I now 21 years old and absolutely despise talking on the phone?

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5 Tips to Improve VoIP Call Quality Issues

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/3/17 10:34 AM

Sick of sounding like Adele? "Hello... Can you hear me?" If the first 20 seconds of a service call spotty connection both parties end up frustrated and start the call off on a bad note... don't want that! Here are 5 Tips to keep your calls in tip top shape! (aka how to improve VoIP call quality issues)

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5 Steps to Deployment Success of A Communications System

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 4/28/17 12:32 PM

A commonly overlooked factor for achieving the greatest ROI on any business communications solution is found within system implementation. It is critical that the system functions correctly from the start and that adoption is obtained by all users. To make this possible here is The 5 MOST Important Steps for Deployment Success. Begin these steps through a deep and critical business analysis, paying close attention to external perspectives from the view of the customer and the competition. And they go for all deployment options: Premise, Host, and Hybrid!

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