Why You Should Finance Your Telecom

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 20/01/17 02:10 PM
Emmi Sauls

Financing isn't anything new- we know you can finance your car, your credit card bills, and your home. But did you know that you can finance your telecom? This means that making the switch to a newer or upgrading to a more customizable business telecommunications solution doesn't have to cost you big money.

ROI on a new phone system

Everyday you look at the dinosaur on your desk and consider upgrading your business phone system. So what comes next? You start getting quotes from your current phone system vendor, and maybe even branch out to inquire about a few other competitors to see what kind of hit your budget is going to take. If purchasing a new telephony system, updated hardware or bringing on additional support just isn't something your finances can manage, don't lose hope. Financing options are typically available for each stage of the life cycle.

It is the time to get a new phone system if you are:
  • a growing business that needs to add members to the team
  • relocating your office(s)
  • having current system malfunctions that slow down efficiency 
  • in need of a more extensive feature set
Financing or leasing your new business phone equipment and services is often the most cost efficient way to get an updated telephony solution for your office. Typically Cloud Solutions may seem like the only option when considering financing. You understand that this means monthly payments associated with the services- believing this as your most beneficial option, right? Wrong. On-premise solutions can be financed in a couple of different ways. The difference is that after you finance these on-premise solutions, you have the flexibility to purchase, upgrade, rent, or even eventually return your technology in the long run.

From small businesses to big enterprises, companies everywhere rely on networked conference phone systems, PBX hardware, network servers, routers, modems, and more to keep conversations and data streams flowing. It can be considered nearly impossible to do business without the presence of telecom. Avoid business disruption caused by an aging phone system and consider the financing options available to you now. With it being more critical than ever to demonstrate cost control and return on investments, financing can help you access the right solution for your office.