Unified Communcations, Collaboration & Human Resources

Posted by Megan Zenger on 10/27/16 11:20 PM
Unified Communications (UC) have become essential to all businesses for various reasons. UC makes communication easier and more personal internally as well as externally. Building strong relationships with the proper communication tools is especially beneficial for the human resources department.
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Personnel Training or Survival of the Fittest?

Posted by Liz Sujka on 9/27/16 9:56 AM

Have you ever asked a co-worker how to do something on the computer and then they invite the whole team over to be trained? This quickly turns into Survival of The Fittest- Cubical Twister Eddition! Right hand on mouse, left hand on keyboard, guard your viewing hole eveyone 7 foot Jack is approaching! This cubicle was not designed for more than one person! 

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5 Tips to Transform your Workplace

Posted by Courtney Black on 8/26/16 1:30 PM

Businesses that strategize their collaboration efforts all share a common goal- to improve the overall engagement on the platforms they currently have in place today, or to supplement them with newer compatible technologies that will increase overall collaboration.

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5 Ways Unified Communication Improves Contact Centers

Posted by Courtney Black on 8/2/16 1:06 PM

Did you know that unified communications (UC) has the ability to break down all walls of communication within an organization- especially when used in a contact center? Implementing UC in a contact center increases agents ability to meet the customer needs by 78%. Transform your current contact center to better utilize your human capital and reach problem resolution faster.

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5 Top UC Features That Your Team Needs

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/21/16 2:13 PM

By now you know that having a unified communications system in the workplace is a must. So you're more than likely tired of reading the lists of all the features that UC offers. But are you aware of the problems some of the features UC will solve for your team?







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