5 Top UC Features Your Team Needs

Posted by Courtney Black on 21/07/16 02:13 PM
Courtney Black

By now you know that having a unified communications system in the workplace is a must. And it's more than likely you're tired of reading a list of UC features. So are you aware of the problems some of the features UC will solve for your team?


From conferencing with remote workers to recording voicemails to text, these are the 5 top UC features that will solve your teams problems: 

1. Conferencing from any device in any location:

Maybe you forgot your charger and your laptops dead while you're sitting in the airport and you're supposed to join a meeting in 5 minutes. This is no longer a problem! Simply join in the meeting on your smart phone or tablet. This feature allows all the employees to stay connected regardless of where they are or what device they have handy. Stuck in traffic and going to be late? No problem, join the meeting on your phone on your way to the office. The capability to have meetings with your coworkers that are out in the field or across the country changes the way meetings are done forever. Limitless collaboration; no matter the location or device. 

2. Adding video to conferencing: 

If a picture is worth a thousand words then how many is a video worth?! You've been there...you're on a conference call and your boss is trying to explain the market trends over the phone. You're wishing there was a way you could see the movement in the graph instead of just the picture he forwarded out to everyone on the call. With this UC feature, you're problem is solved. You are able to share and view content during conference calls for a much more interactive call experience.

3. Presence Tagging:

You need to get a signature today from Jim in accounting but you have no idea if he's in his office. He hasn't responded to your email yet- What do you do? Before presence tagging you'd have to walk all the way over to their side of the office just to see they were available. With presence you are able to know this information without ever having to leave the comfort of that plush office chair. You are able to know who's available and you can let everyone else know if you are busy. Hopefully minimizing interruptions throughout your hectic work day.

4. Screen Sharing:

Instead of leaning over the trainees shoulder and coaxing them through a task, you can have them run through the motions on their own - all while you watch on the screen. This feature makes training way more comprehensive and hands on- allowing it to be done in a much less evasive means.  Along with making training a breeze, screen sharing allows you to focus on the things you're doing together no matter where you're located. You can co-author in real-time, share PowerPoint presentations and etc.

5. Transcribed Voicemail: 

The average person typically reads faster then a sales person yammering on- now you scan the message in 5 seconds and decided the value. This also comes in handy when you are somewhere not conducive to playing a voice mail. 
This UC feature converts voice messages to a text message format.  Lets be honest, when was the last time you actually listened to the message of an unknown number? This ensures that every important message, and the not so important ones, that get left on your phone will be seen and not overlooked. 

Being able to ignore and then tend to your communications when you are ready can be the difference between a project taking an hour or 5 hours. You can turn off your IM and email, but you can't turn off meeting distractions. 

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