Pros and Cons: Cloud Based Phone System

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/28/16 12:09 PM

Cloud based phone systems enable a business to have a fully functional phone service without the need for purchasing the "back end" hardware by connecting to that "back end" through the Internet. The days of having to allocate a capital expenditure for PBX systems are long gone. A virtual system can do all that a physical system can- more efficiently, more cost effectively, and with 24/7 support capabilities. Do you really know what the benefits of a cloud based phone system are for you and your business? What about the potential drawbacks? Take a look at the biggest pros and cons of a cloud based service.

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10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a VoIP Service Provider

Posted by Christina Aguglia on 7/22/16 10:50 AM

It's time, you're finally going to update your legacy system. You're ready to make the jump to VoIp but there's so much you need to know. With so many functional and financial advantages offered by VoIP, selecting a service is one of the most critical and difficult IT decisions your company is going to face.


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5 Top UC Features That Your Team Needs

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/21/16 2:13 PM

By now you know that having a unified communications system in the workplace is a must. So you're more than likely tired of reading the lists of all the features that UC offers. But are you aware of the problems some of the features UC will solve for your team?







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6 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/18/16 1:30 PM

There are only so many hours in a day making it crucial to have the skills to make the most out of your time. To be productive in todays workplace you either have to work longer hours or work harder- if you’re anything like me, you prefer the latter.

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4 Problems a VoIP System Can Solve

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/13/16 2:19 PM

Despite multiple newer features such as; instant messaging, email, and video conferencing- the typical user of a business communications system still primarily relys on voice as a vital part of their daily operations. Some businesses are still using traditional PSTN phone systems! Crazy, right?

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