Why doesn't my instant messaging client indicate I am on the phone?

Posted by Liz Sujka on 27/06/17 11:09 AM
Liz Sujka

Ok - imagine this, it's your first day starting in a new position and when you get to your desk and you begin your training, you are trained on one application (client) for instant messaging and presence, and then separately you are shown how to use your phone system.  But... there is an odd thing happening, when you pick up your phone and make a call, for some reason, it doesn't change your presence to show you are on the phone...?  Hmm, that is odd you think, "Why doesn't my instant message and presence client indicate that I am on the phone?"  


This happens in quite a number of organizations, and for understandable reasons.  Let’s start off with some of the reasons this could happen.  

  • The phone system came first - Companies invest major dollars into their phone system.  When one is installed and functional, it is difficult to provide the business case for a transition.  
  • The technology is stable and proven - Again a similar case, but the new phone system technologies may not have the same call quality or experience that another manufacturer offers.
  • System Integration ain't simple - Merging two or more technology requires a high degree of skill and time.  Learning the two systems and then figuring out how to blend them can be pretty tricky. 

Those are just some of the "off the shelf" reasons.  Every organization has its challenges and has to pick its battles.  However, it is important to recognize what this means for the users of the system...

In summary - this happens a lot, there are several major companies that suffer from this disconnect.  Often it can be the larger companies that experience this because, a change is not quick and easy, it requires a major execution to implement.  Is it worth it?   Guess that answer can only come from the people that use the system and it is the best way to find out.  Ask your users, does it Matter?  And if it does, contact us - we can help!