How Tech Improves the Business World

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 16/06/17 12:13 PM
Morgan Hurley

Technology is the basis of our business world. As it advances, so does the way we live our everyday lives. Before all of these technological advances, the way we did business was not only significantly slower, but less productive and efficient. Information is now instantaneous and at the palm of our hands at every minute. With all of these advancements, it is easier to communicate, get our name, brand and message out to the public and satisfy the needs of customers all while figuring out what areas our businesses needs to improve tech.jpg

So in what aspects has technology truly benefited the business world we live in today?

1. Communication:  One of our main methods of communication has taken over a good majority of our lives. This method is telephony and most importantly the creation and evolution of the cell phone also commonly known as the smartphone. These days, you never see people without them or at least you most likely don't know a person who doesn't own one. They have become small necessities for business owners and employees. You can keep in contact with anyone, anywhere, anytime whether in office, or on the road. Smartphones raise the bar and allow access to internet which gives us the opportunity to answer emails, video chat, and go advertise on social media as well wherever we may be at whatever time is most beneficial. 

2. Marketing: With the use of technology, large and small businesses now have more opportunities to market outside of print ads when trying to acquire new customers and target the old ones as well. Internet marketing can be a variety of different things. Some of these things include informational websites, online product sales and SEO advertising. Email marketing is also an innovative and productive way to reach large groups of people at one time. This can be done through newsletters, coupons or business updates. Mobile marketing is another approach that can reach people through text messaging and social media. This can be fun and creative approach to marketing and also create a better connection/relationship between you and your customers. 

3. Productivity: Every business wants to get large amounts of work done in a reasonable, if not quick amount of time. This is especially important for smaller businesses who may not have as many resources available as large corporations.  Whether you have to print out marketing materials, provide customer service through email or online chat, or finish a certain project to meet a deadline, technology can and will help you through all of these processes. The key to all of this is to keep your employees focused and motivated while also making sure they understand how to use it effectively. Providing your employees with the correct hardware and updated software to keep them working fast paced and at peak proficiency will be favorable in the long scheme of things. 

4. Customer Service: Technology advances have brought us closer to our customers. Think about it.. whenever you have a problem with a product or service you can simply email, call or even tweet to that company and complain hoping for a refund or some sort of compensation. Typically these businesses respond in a fairly quick manor which can keep these dissatisfied customers around if the appropriate actions are taken. Most online websites also provide customers with an online chat to help customers that are visiting these websites and might need assistance during the process. Technology makes this possible and can really make customers feel more appreciated and respected if you use these tools correctly.

Without technology, our business world would be stuck in a rut. We wouldn't be able to do half of the things we are able to nowadays. Along with that, our customer bases would be relatively small for startups and small companies. These small businesses may never grow as an outcome and there wouldn't be much potential to improve without a lot of hard, dedicated work. Communication, marketing, productivity and customer service are just some of the areas of business that we focus on to advance ourselves and our companies, technology just makes it much easier and affordable.

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