What Phone System Features Enhance Workplace Performance?

Posted by Liz Sujka on 07/11/17 01:53 PM
Liz Sujka

When you are looking for a new phone system for your business, remember to consider not only the features that the phone system boasts but - how you can apply those enhancements to your users.  In our experience - one of the biggest challenges of implementing a new system is mapping the transition from "how it used to work" to "how it works now"- but rest assured that you can most certainly teach an old dog new tricks.  That is something that almost always requires a bit of time and patience- not to mention a bit of flexibility on the user's side. 
phone system teaching an old dog new tricks

When you bring in a new UC toolset, teaching the functionality of them is only half the battle.  The next obstacle can be found in aligning the function to the workflow... say it with me "workplace optimization."  For example, even though we are comfortable always doing something one way; it's time to consider other more efficient ways to do it.

Here are five phone system features that make contacting your business more accessible:

1.  Mobility - Yeah, you didn't see this one coming did you? ;)  It almost speaks for itself but, with mobility you can send someone directly to the person they are trying to reach without even disclosing to the caller that they are being transferred to a different device. Seamless transitions cut down wait times and elevator music frustration.

2.  Presence Indicators - We have heard this one time and time again.  A page comes over the intercom, Peter Parker call on line 5...  Peter Parker call on line 5...  the value in presence is simple.  Know where people are and if they are available in the snap of a finger simply by looking at your corporate phone directory. Leading me into my next feature…

3.  Corporate Directory - At last the days of making countless lists of what employees are in what office and the contact information required to get a hold of them are gone.  Gone you say?  You bet! Who doesn't love taking the hour or so to create these lists that were almost outdated as soon as they were created?  With the corporate directory leading the hunt for a contact, this list has become a thing of the past.

4.  Simultaneous Ring - Call it what you will, but this handy dandy calling feature can be a "life saver" when alas you are waiting for a final phone call at the end of the day so that you can go home BUT you need to use the restroom.  Yeah we have all been there.  It is almost a guarantee- Murphy’s Law if you will - that as soon as you go to the restroom, your call will definitely come in.  Now with simultaneous ring on, you can take your call with you as your phone system rings on all of the devices you program at the same time.  You shall never again miss an important call again! ... unless you forget to bring your mobile devices then we can only do so much. 

5.  Video Calling – When it comes to a cost savings feature, this is the golden ticket and may just be the #1 saver.  When travel isn’t feasible or posing too high of an expense, you need a video collaboration solution. There's no question here that video offers us the ability to "be" several places at once, while saving you and your employees time and money.  

These are just a few ways that features can make your business more efficient and easier to engage with.  Who doesn't want to get a hold of the person they are trying to call?  You got it; there is a reason they picked up the phone.  Don't drop the ball on connecting them. There is no better time to ask yourself- is my phone system due for an upgrade? 

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