Protecting Your Brand Through Your Phone System

Posted by Liz Sujka on 04/04/17 10:31 AM
Liz Sujka

Brands take time to build, make sure your communications system protects your investment. Don't let your employees walk off with your customers and profits. As a business you work very hard to build and protect your brand.  Everything you do, is a part of your brand; from your logo all the way to the clothing that your employee's wear.  It is your image and likely the singular most valuable asset to your organization.  "Now, what’s that have to do with a phone system?"  You may ask...

Protecting your brand with your Phone system 

At the very basic level, your phone system connects your company to its customer’s right?  Thus, it delivers the promise of your brand to the people that value it. Now, what happens when your people don't live at a desk inside your organization? What if your people are also your deliverable? In the world of telecom, it wasn't always a readily available option to have mobility- Today it is!

Is it a good idea for your customers to contact your staff directly through a personal cell phone?

Hmm interesting question.  Why does it matter how my customers contact us?  It is all about the customer service right?  So quicker answers have to be better answers... right?

Although it can provide quicker service, it disconnects the business from its customers. 

There is a place for personal cell phones in business, however, when your business does not control the flow of information in some meaningful way, your brand, your customers are now relating to an employee within your organization.  There are three distinct questions that can help you know if you need to protect this information by considering a unified communications solution in conjunction with a personal cell phone:

1.  Do your employee's spend >50% of their work day away from their desk?
2.  Is your employee tenure less than 4 years? 
3.  Does your business directly tied to it's ability to retain customers? 

If you answered yes to even one of those questions, than you need to find out how the right communications tools can strengthen your brand integrity, make your employee's more efficient and reduce overall telecom spend. 

You don't expect your employees to provide their own PCs - so why would a communications system be different? 
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