Save Your Gold! 5 Ways To See More Green

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 17/03/17 03:10 PM
Morgan Hurley


When it comes to technology, we all want to spend our money wisely. Why spend more when you can spend less?

Here are some tips to help you save your money:

1. Don't Assume Expensive = Quality: When shopping for just about anything, we often equate cost to quality and level of performance, THINK AGAIN! Save your money and do the research. Look at reviews and give other brands a test before more money than you should. 

2. Buy Refurbished Products: Are you looking for a new laptop? Phone? Or router for your office? If you're trying to save money, research some outdated or refurbished models. Buying refurbished products is one of the cheapest ways to save some cash. Refurbished electronics go through rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that they are up to par, guaranteeing that they are just as good as - if not better than, new products. Just be sure you are getting it from a credible manufacturer.

3. Wait It Out: Prices tend to vary when demand shifts. Depending on the item you are purchasing, prices may be lower during specific times of the year. Price tracking tools are also available to make sure you are getting your device at a competitive price. Patience is key!

4. Take Care of Your Current Products: Taking care of your current devices will be beneficial to you later on. Keeping your laptop, computer, phone and routers in good shape will ensure long-term performance and overall efficiency. It will also make it easier for you down the road to trade in/sell your products and get the most out of upgrading your systems. 

5. Coupons: Although it seems obvious, many people do not take coupons into consideration when buying technology. You have probably received hundreds of emails offering you the latest and greatest deals from your most recently visited websites. We all we know where these emails wind your spam or trash folder. Look more carefully! Better yet, check out certain applications and browser plug-ins that automatically find and apply coupon codes at checkout with one simple click. Honey is a great plug-in when using Google Chrome or Firefox and CouponCabin Sidekick when using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 

There are other ways to save your money, but these are some easy and manageable ways that can benefit you throughout your life. Make the smart choice, save your gold! Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at Ronco!