6 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Posted by Courtney Black on 18/07/16 01:30 PM
Courtney Black

There are only so many hours in a day making it crucial to have the skills to make the most out of your time. To be productive in today's workplace you either have to work longer hours or work harder- if you’re anything like me, you prefer the latter.

Figuring out how to maximize your time at work doesn’t take a genius.  However, it does require more deliberation on how you will manage the time you are given. Thankfully we live in a technology-based world that provides us with resources to help us keep track of responsibilities and make our work day run smoothly.

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Following these 6 simple but effective strategies will ensure you are making

 the most out of the time you are given in the work day. hint: UC Collaboration Solutions are the answer

  1. Identify and Focus your Goals

One concept that is often overlooked is a "To Do" List.Creating tasks and reminder alerts through your email application keeps your daily tasks organized so you can efficiently complete everything you intended to. The list should include items like your tasks, long-term projects with due dates, and items that need immediate action. Make sure your list is prioritized and has proper deadlines to keep yourself accountable for all responsibilities. Structuring your day around this list will help you stay focused and give you a set goal of what needs to be achieved.

  1. Use a Calendar to Manage Appointments

Technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Today we're able to calendar sync our mobile phones with the calendar on our work computers through our email applications. Set meeting alerts keep you on task whether you’re working from the office or on a business trip across the country. Calendars can also be used as a reference to scan yours or a coworkers availability to effectively divvy out time and to not double book meetings or miss appointments.

  1. Invest in a Dependable Communications System

Communication is hands down one of the most crucial aspects of business operations. Any hiccup in an effective communications system will hinder everyone's ability to achieve the simplest of goals. Taking advantage of a dependable system will increase internal and external productivity through UC features such as; instant messaging and video conferencing. For example, a VoIP phone system allows for easy intra-office communication as well as seamless email integration with CRM.

  1. Take a Lunch!

Okay, I get it, you’re on a roll. You’ve just finished 5 of your seemingly endless "To Do" list, and you don’t want to lose any motivation. But what about that grumbling sound coming from your stomach and the shakiness in your hands from caffeine overload? That’s a sure sign you need to step away from your desk and take a break. Removing yourself from your work and thinking about anything else, even for a short time, allows you to relax and reboot. Being stressed out and hungry is only going to negatively impact your job performance and efficiency. If you afraid of missing an important call set up simultaneous ring so you can appear available but the call transfers from your desk to your cell so you can actually step away from your desk and no one is the wiser. 

  1. Be Proactive, Not Reactive.

Set aside time for responding to emails and answering phone calls without letting them determine how your day is going to be shaped. Presence status indicator allows you to dictate when you want to appear anywhere from available to busy or do not disturb- which sure enough indication the level of disruptions you are will to allow. During work hours, turn off your notifications on your smartphone. I promise that your Old Navy coupons and what your Aunt in Colorado is doing will still be there once the work day is over.

  1. Minimize Interruptions

Instant messaging - another UC tool, allows you to put those social conversations on the back burner and respond to them on your own time. Because as we know having office friends makes the workday less agonizing, but having them pop their head into your office to chat interrupts your workflow therefore actually affecting productivity.

If you find yourself needing to increase productivity at work, apply these 6 tips to your daily routine. Take a step back and truly think about the ways you can work smarter, not harder. 
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