My Time Here at Ronco

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 6/13/17 12:30 PM

This week, I finally conclude my time as a Marketing and Communications Intern at Ronco Communications. Boy, what a ride it has been! I came here with very high hopes and Ronco exceeded my expectations by far. Working here in their marketing department has not only been transcendently helpful in terms of excelling my skillset, but also so much fun and extremely rewarding. Working side by side with Liz, Christina and Emmi has been such a pleasure and I have acquired some great connections, and even more importantly friendships, along the way. 

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Topics: Unified Communications, Communications, Business Relationships

Calling It Quits?

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 5/18/17 11:32 AM

Everyone runs into problems in the workplace. Whether your staff isn't up to par, a package doesn't go out on time or you don't get the approval for funding you worked so hard for. But what happens when you're having problems with a vendor and/or service provider partnered with your company? There are many times where we ask ourselves what to do in a situation like this. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many solutions to these problems. In the case where your current service provider is not living up to their promises, they aren't fast enough for your liking, or they are too expensive, you must make the decision to look elsewhere. So how do you know when it's time to "break up" with a bad vendor? Let's take a look...

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Topics: Customer Service, Communications, Business Relationships