This Holiday Season, I am thankful for Ronco

Posted by Liz Sujka on 27/11/17 11:14 AM
Liz Sujka

The holidays come around each year, and we give thanks and reflection upon the terrific things in our lives. Friends, family, health... the list goes on but one of the things often overlooked is for our employer and the wonderful things our companies provide for us. Here at Ronco Communications, I am most thankful for those things and for the company that I work for, the friends I have made within my work world and the leadership and guidance that my peers share.


Ronco is an end-to-end communications service provider focused on deliverying powerful solutions that endable us to extend the human connection through technology

I am especially thankful when I think of how Ronco has invested in its employees by providing;

Soft Skill Training - Training to remind you of things that important but, not specifically related to an on the job skill.

Work at Home Capability - Unified Communications and VPN access so that if you need to work from a remote location, you can work fluidly.

Mentoring Programs - Internships or other programs to help get ahead in your career.

Collaboration Tools - Applications like Sharepoint or Office 365 that keep you and your teams connected and the information you use contained in a central place.

These are just some of the meaningful investments that have been put in place for us to find success. At Ronco, we are fortunate to have a great employer that believes that with fantastic employees that are empowered with great tools, we can achieve anything!

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