Important School Technologies For Reopening Safely This Fall

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 05/08/20 12:23 PM
Emmi Sauls

As schools nationwide make plans to reopen in the fall, some guidance from public health officials encourages promoting behaviors that reduce spread and maintain healthy environments and healthy operations. Intuitive school safety technology can help administrators follow this guidance with ease and resume operations with peace of mind. 


Promoting Behaviors That Reduce Spread

Promote everyday protective measures, like hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and the proper use of face coverings, with monitors and display boards that cycle through predefined messages about stopping the spread of germs. Broadcast clear and compelling daily announcements with similar messaging to ensure ADA compliance and reinforce the instructions using your PA system. Keep staff and families in the loop and communicate about home-based symptom screening with live stream video announcements that can be archived and accessed on-demand. 

Check out these Communication Resources, as provided by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

Maintaining Healthy Environments & Operations

Understandably, the best practice for moving forward is to "limit any nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities that involve external groups or organizations," according to the CDC. However, it is likely that visitors are somewhat out of your control. By installing a temperature screening system, you can screen staff and visitors for elevated body temperatures upon entry to the campus. With integrations available to your facility's access controls, individuals with a higher temperature than the predetermined standard will not be allowed through your school's doors. 

Accommodate staggered scheduling with a communications system that intuitively synchronizes and automates your bells, clocks, daily calendars and schedules. Manage and move your message to the classroom, through the campus, and across the district with customized, pre-recorded, or live communications to reinforce and maintain social distancing.

In instances where remote learning must be accommodated, you can allow instructors and students to easily connect to a remote session from their personal devices without touching shared cabling or equipment by deploying contactless audio/video solutions

When it comes to considerations for protecting the health, safety and well being of students, teachers and other school staff, we are your partners in the fight against COVID-19. Our consultants and system integrators can work with your facility to ensure that your technology supports your reopening efforts. Alongside public health professionals, we recognize that schools are an essential part of communities' infrastructure and play a critical role in supporting the whole child, so we are committed to helping K-12 and higher education administrators in any way we can.


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