Dial Plan Generator- End The Suffering

Posted by Paul Derrico on 29/06/16 01:25 PM

You have all experienced it- being trapped in a menuing system with no NO WAY OUT! #EndTheSuffering

Do it now, download the nifty excel dial plan generator ↓ - because it is critical to take the time and architect how your phone system menuing is structured. 

telecom best practices - documenting call flow

Why you ask? Simple- without a structured documented plan-- moves, adds, and personnel changes become lost or unclear overtime making system dysfunction inevitable. Internal employees or customers are ultimately the end point for any system; so user experience and telecom management must be taken seriously. 

After implementation, someone will be required to maintain the system.  Adding users, changing extensions, managing voicemail can be a chore and a discipline.  Paying attention to the details and understanding how it relates to the flow of the business is critical.  Having a documented voice call flow allows the system manager to have a clear understanding of the business expectations so that the calls reach their intended destinations. 

Here we go, worst case scenario - 

"Ring Ring - Thank you for calling our company, press one to reach Sales, <user presses 1>, the call doesn't go to sales, but rings and rings with no answer.  AUGH!"

It isn't that difficult to end up in a similar situation and not even know it! It is vital to your business that customers are able to call and get an answer. That missed phone call could have been the deal of the century! 

A properly generated plan helps the system administrator by providing them with the framework for future growth. It also provides end point awareness if there is a problem receiving calls.

A properly constructed plan should include site by site details including:

  • Incoming numbers
  • Call treatment
  • End point responsibility
  • Time of day handling

Things to think about...
Have you inventoried your system lately?  
Do you know if your incoming numbers are doing what you expect them to do?  
Are you effectively managing your customer’s calls?

Use our dial plan generator to make sure your company won't miss another phone call!

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