Business Resolutions: 2018

Posted by Christina Aguglia on 08/01/18 01:01 PM
Christina Aguglia

As we look to the fresh perspective of a brand new year- we unwrap a new calendar, and contemplate resolutions.  Without a resolution, the year gets away from us and before we know it, yes a scary thought... 2019.  So, let's slow down and get a handle on 2018 with some resolutions that will make 2018 the year of growth for your business!


Here are some suggested business resolutions that will drive growth and savings in the new year!

1) Get Fit: Infrastructure Consolidation

Sometimes all this takes is running a site survey.  A site survey can provide detailed information on all aspects of your communications system.  Including configured users, sets, hunt groups, server configuration maps.  All the detail to rebuild your entire system, location by location, if there were a catastrophic failure.  It can also provide T1 and PRI usage which can allow you to reduce your spend.  Trim the fat by identifying unused and total resources available. If you took a deeper look who knows what you will find - 2018 is the time!

2) Save Money: Network Convergence

The question, "Why wouldn't you put data and voice on the same network?"  Is often a simplified understatement of the work and cost associated with making it happen.  It makes sense but the cents to make it happen can be difficult to find.  Make 2018 the year to converge with a plan to realize the goal.  As part of your networking solution, a successful network convergence lies in the configuration, installation, and maintenance of adequate hardware. Key to the success is to have enough bandwidth to support all the devices and services that will access the new converged network, and redundancy to ensure that mission-critical applications continue to operate during any failure.  If done correctly, the advantages are measurable.

3) Stop Procrastinating:  A slow network ... slows everyone down

How many times have your customers called your customer service only to hold on the line because the agent's computer wouldn't pull of their data.  I cannot even count the number of times throughout the holidays that I have encountered this as a customer!  Do your users have problems accessing your tools?  Do you provide your employee's or guests wireless access?  These are important considerations that often cost you more money in lost productivity that you know.  Stop putting it off, Carpe Diem! 

4) Be More Social:  Interact with your peers

With new systems coming out of the box with Unified Communications features [think Avaya's IP Office], it is easy to enjoy the rich capabilities that this unassuming system can provide.  Instant messaging, simultaneous ring to a mobile device, transcribed voicemail, click to call, the list goes on and makes being social much more natural - especially if you are not within walking distance to communicate.  Unified Communications is essential for a business with a mobile workforce. 

5) Reduce the Stress: Sleep more

Let someone else watch the system messages while you sleep.  Let a managed service provider monitor your system.  Set up the parameters for notification and let a team of qualified system attendants manage your messages while you get your ZZZ's.  BTW -  Yoga isn't a bad idea either.... :)


May your 2018 year be filled with absolute success.  Best wishes from the Ronco Team!



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