Developing a UC Strategy: 5 Helpful Hints

Posted by Courtney Black on 17/11/17 08:45 AM
Courtney Black

In order to develop a unified communications (UC) strategy for your company, you have to do your research. The most important features in UC are often overlooked or understated at first...


Every company is different and all of their users have different needs, but the one constant is the overall impact the company sees after a complete integration of UC tools.  The benefit from UC Solutions does no waver between small and large businesses. Customer experience is everything and a UC platform enables your users to be more responsive, effective, productive, and all around efficient. UC goes beyond the simplification of communication channels with presence capabilities and integration with business applications and processes like Outlook or CRM.

We've outlines the 6 things organizations should consider before developing a unified communications strategy.

1. Build Your Own Fun:

UC is not a single product or technology. UC is a solution based on a variety of siloed components that change how work is completed for individuals and the organization as a whole- to name a few generally:

1. Call control
2. Presence
3. IM, email, voicemail
4. Conferencing
5. Collaborative shareable workplaces

As we said, unified communication tools are not a “one size fits all” application. Each company has unique business challenges to overcome that a decision make may think they are aware of, but should look to the needs of those at all levels. Integration with business applications and processes like Outlook or CRM, make UC tools are valuable and relevant to all parties.

2. If You Build It They Will Come:

When UC is properly built with the existing business processes and applications, communication becomes streamlined. This enhances collaboration and usability, which reduces human latency, as well as, costs from unnecessary and time lost. Customers show their user adaptation doubles month after month. It is not a coincidence that so does customer satisfaction rates after the fist month from a highly connected staff.  

In order to beat the competition companies today (now more than ever) need to enhance their customer relationships and intimacy – anytime and anywhere. UC provides a personalized customer service experience regardless of device or location being utilized by the internal user or customer.

3. All eyes on the Prize:

UC Solutions show significant cost savings year after year. The biggest savings most companies don't consider is having it done right the first time. When the right team supports your company for an efficient system integration across the board the transition is seamless.

Almost all businesses have a bottleneck in their process. Without something to compare the original process to- the negative impact inefficiencies have on your bottom line goes unnoticed
With UC, however, business processes see less set backs or halts and flow smoothly at the speed you need. Collaboration and decision making happens at a desired pace that's right for your deadlines. During the planning stage of your UC implementation the results from a business analysis determine the needs of your company to make that deal or get the prize!

4. Call Me Beep Me, If You Wanna Reach Me:
     Contact centers, call management & UC

Don't miss that call you have been waiting all day for again! First and foremost, with call management route incoming calls to the correct user with just a click. This ensures timely service and trackability. Secondly, if the first user that receives the call needs help they can easily leverage UC tools to quickly IM the regional manager and the service expert at the same time undetected!

Integrating UC tools into your contact center facilitates the conversation. Now your company can be more responsive and have better customer service rates. Customers found that 89% of calls were solved the first time and faster.

Save voicemail transferring for pesky sales guys.  Use the dashboard metrics, monitored call traffic, and agents abilities to determine the appropriate call plan for each customer case. Once the contact center software is integrated with your UC system you will see a whole new definition to streamlining your business.


5. Where Are You On The Path to ENLIGHTENMENT?

Simply having Dial tone is not necessarily on the path to UC. But admitting you need help is the first step to finding the tools and application your business needs.

The need for UC solutions is real and decision makers should be looking to solve those complex business issues with UC applications. 

Unified communications by definition combines various communication tools (IM, presence, call transferring, desktop sharing, conferencing, etc.) to provide the means for your company to be...

• As efficient as possible
• Increase the bottom line
• Build stronger relationships

Every company is different and will require different tools to run their business successfully. We can aid in developing the perfect business solution.
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