The Culture of Commitment

Posted by Liz Sujka on 29/07/16 11:30 AM
Liz Sujka

I have spent a great deal of time here at Ronco. I have had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing people. Having held many roles, I feel compelled to share some of my favorite behind the scenes reasons that differentiate our service.  



Having worked in our TAC (technical assistance center), and coming from an IT background, I have never seen a more committed group of technicians than at Ronco. This group works 24 x 7 x 365 supporting each other and our customers as though they were family.  

If a customer is down and a field technician calls in for support at 5pm - general office hours closing time, what happens?  

Do you get less than par help?  Here, never... the technicians that are all done for the day will wrap up their work and surround the technician working through the issue providing alternative ideas, insight and support.  The commitment to the customer is always most important.  The best part about that - is that it isn't forced, there are no rules that you cannot leave - it is just our people. It's Joe, Tom, Paul, Kirk, Mike, Brett, Scott, Steve, Bob..... (the list goes on)  It is the pride they have in doing their job and doing it right!   It is our culture, it is who our employees are.  

When looking for a partner in technology, these are the things that matter. You need the right people. It is never a certification that defines a technician. It is the experience that he or she has and the ability for them to persevere to find the answers they need to solve your problem in a timely manor.