Seven Reasons Why a Service Maintenance Agreement is the Right Investment for your Healthcare Facility

Posted by Christopher Nagy on 29/03/21 11:00 AM
Christopher Nagy

Service Maintenance Agreements can provide exceptional value for healthcare facilities. Functional life safety systems are essential for staff and their patients. System downtime can compromise the quality of patient care and often creates workflow issues that could lead to liability for facilities without proper support. Here are the top seven reasons to invest in a Service Maintenance Agreement for your healthcare facility. 


1. Guaranteed Service Level Priority Response

Don’t wait in the queue for time and materials service. This guaranteed service response ensures full remediation for both on-site and off-site support. Based on the support defined in your agreement, you have predetermined response times that grant you priority access should a device go offline or malfunction.

2. Unlimited Service Calls  

Avoid the added stress of getting approval prior to calling for service. Know that you have support when you need it, no matter what. With a Service Maintenance Agreement, you’re pre-approved!

3. Ability to Budget 

No one wants a surprise invoice. With set pricing on Service Maintenance Agreements, your service hours are accounted for beforehand and your department will always be within budget. 

4. Aggressive Preventative Maintenance Schedule 

There will be a predetermined frequency (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) of site visits during which our service team will check the general health of your system and proactively monitor and fix equipment that you may not even know is malfunctioning. By running system tests, looking for offline devices, and providing a comprehensive report of the fixes, our team can help you avoid night service calls and the need for after-hours support. This saves staff from having to contact night service representatives to request after-hours support and provides a better patient healing environment by avoiding techs entering and working in their room while they're trying to get their rest. 

5. Stay Updated with Latest Software Releases 

Proactively approach upgrades. With a full coverage Service Maintenance Agreement, our service team will notify you when a release comes out and schedule the installation upgrade alongside your team. As a trusted advisor, we will guide you through this process and ensure that your integrations stay intact and fully functional. This coverage keeps you in good standing for manufacturer support.

6. Server Access Provides Remote Support 

When your software is tied to life safety devices, it only makes sense that you'd expect the fastest support you can get. With uninterrupted access to your servers, our teams can mitigate problems remotely—which is a lot faster than rolling a truck to your site. 

7. Priority Access to Local Parts Depot 

We keep an extensive stock of parts that we will pull from to replace malfunctioning devices. Though this is offered to all our customers, Service Maintenance Agreement holders receive priority access. 

Ensure that your technology is protected around the clock by experienced industry professionals with strong manufacturer relationships. Talk to our team today about this coverage and what it can do for your bottom line, and more importantly, your quality of patient care. 

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