Track Classroom Sanitation with Custom Cleaning Buttons

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 15/09/20 08:49 AM
Emmi Sauls

As districts nationwide begin the new school year, classroom hygiene is more important than ever before. With COVID-19 still looming, routine cleaning and disinfecting are crucial to maintaining a safe environment for faculty, students and staff. Allow intuitive technology to automate your cleaning plan with the ability to request and track the cleaning of classrooms with the touch of a button. 



This article was originally published on Rauland News and has been reposted with permission from Rauland, a division of AMETEK, Inc.
Written By: Jennifer Holden, Vice President of Rauland, a division of AMETEK, Inc.

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Telecenter U®, an advanced network-based school communications system from Rauland, now includes new features designed to help school districts, schools and classrooms operate within CDC guidelines during COVID-19. The new software and hardware components complement the existing integrated solutions designed for everyday education communications, scheduling, event management and emergencies.

[One of the features] new to Telecenter U [is]... custom cleaning buttons that track the cleanliness of the entire facility. 

[These] new custom cleaning buttons request and track the cleaning of classrooms across the entire campus, while the Telecenter U online mapping feature shows the cleanliness of the entire school at a glance. Status lights indicate when rooms need cleaning or are ready for use.

“The CDC recommends that frequently touched surfaces within schools are cleaned and disinfected at least daily or between use as much as possible,” said George Lind, Rauland's Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Education North America. “These customizable cleaning schedules are easily modified to adjust to new calendars, staggered entrances and exits, and the travel flow of the student body.”

The cleaning hardware panel for classrooms and offices includes “need cleaning,” “room cleaned,” and “emergency call” buttons. When a button is pressed, Telecenter U status lights activate in the hallway notifying staff and students that a room needs to be cleaned, or that it has been cleaned.

A cleaning request also can be activated through the Telecenter U online user interface and includes audio prompts to remind and notify janitorial staff to clean classrooms. Event history reporting tracks when and how often rooms are cleaned.

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Telecenter U® for Mass Notification & Automated Scheduling

Accommodate staggered scheduling with a communications system that intuitively synchronizes and automates your bells, clocks, daily calendars and schedules. Manage and move your message to the classroom, through the campus, and across the district with customized, pre-recorded, or live communications to reinforce and maintain social distancing.  

Rauland, a division of AMETEK, Inc. as Our School Safety Partner

Partnered with an industry leader in school communication technology, we can help your district proactively approach emergency situations, synchronize & automate your event management and ensure consistent communication across all buildings. From the district to the campus to the classroom, we understand that students' safety and the management of communications go hand in hand. With a flexible and customizable platform as Telecenter U®, we can design your solution to meet your specific crisis management, social distancing, and cleaning plans. Our team of engineers and technicians pride themselves on the "art" of integration, so you can expect that your system integration will be seamless.

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