Why Choosing a Partner Matters When Investing in Nurse Call

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 22/04/20 02:07 PM
Emmi Sauls

Upgrading your facility's patient care technology is a significant investment. When it comes to implementing a new nurse call solution, it's important that you choose a partner to help you along the way. 


Where vendors can certainly supply you with the solution you're looking for, it's the partners that will become an extension of your team and ultimately grow with your facility even after the install is complete. A partner observes your facility's painpoints, understands what functionalities your new system requires, enhances your solution with subsystem integrations, teaches your teams how to use the solution with ease, and ensures the longevity of your system with exceptional customer service and support. Let's break each of these benefits down and highlight the value, shall we?

Partners Take The Time to Listen
A plug-and-play nurse call system is a pipe dream. In order to truly impact your clinical workflow, your solution needs be designed specifically for your facility. An integration partner meets with key staff members and clinical leadership to help identify, value, and prioritize optimization opportunities. From there, they outline your facility's workflow and document where changes need to be made for optimal functionality and maximized ROI.   

Partners Offer Best-Practice-Based Workflow Design
By establishing your paintpoints and understanding your desired goals, an integration partner helps to provide guidance on best practices  - closing any potentially critical gaps. By contributing substantial knowledge, expertise and resources, a partner keeps each end-user in mind during system customization. 

Partners Look at the Clinical Ecosystem As a Whole
A new system is the bees knees, but what happens when it doesn't function alongside your existing technologies like paging or real-time locating systems? An integration partner looks at your nurse call solution as one component of a much broader ecosystem. They specialize in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring seamless functionality across the campus. 

Partners Gauge A Successful Implementation by End-User Adoption
It's one thing to successfully install your solution - it's another thing entirely to successfully deploy it to your teams. Integration partners double as system educators as they design a custom education plan for your system's implementation. This comprehensive training empowers your teams to confidently embrace their new workflow solution. Partners understand that your facility's initiatives will change, so you can count on them to offer opportunities for continuous clinical improvement and ongoing support for continued education. 

Partners Provide Around-The-Clock Support
We don't have to tell you how important timing is - as a healthcare professional, you know it's quite literally the difference between life and death. An integration partner offers 24x7 system support and, where capable, remote monitoring, to keep your mission-critical solution fully functional. As most partners operate locally, a bonus perk is that you can rely on a familiar, friendly face at each service visit. You're more than a customer on the other side of an 800 number. 


Ronco is proud to be an integration partner for patient care technologies. As we are proud to serve an industry that serves the public good, we like to think of ourselves as extensions of your team. Over the years we have learned a few things about successful nurse call deployments and we thought we'd share them with you! Click below to download our content offer, Professional Guidance for Upgrading Your Nurse Call Systemand then call us today to schedule a consultation!

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