Buyer Beware - Choosing a Business Phone System

Posted by Christina Aguglia on 27/05/16 10:18 AM
Christina Aguglia

When considering buying a new business phone system it can be difficult to pinpoint what information is important. Having a basic understanding of today's telephony and how it can benefit your company is the foundation for building your business case.

phone evaluation

Concepts like - composition of your user profiles, network topography, and budget concerns can shape your decision making process. Having a list of questions to ask yourself may make your research easier in the long run. 

Things like…                          

  • Can your current network support the demands of real-time voice?
  • What features matter to your users?
  • How much are you spending monthly for Network Carrier Services?

These are all important points to understand when making a decision on a VoIP system. Feature capabilities can ultimately add to business value.

For example…

  • Instant messaging and presence status = faster decision making
  • Integrated conferencing = increased efficiency through collaboration
  • VoIP = greater system flexibility and decreased monthly costs

With all this in mind, do you know what the considerations are? Download our 10 Considerations When Replacing Your Telephone System guide to quick start your transition to VoIP.   

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