Lesson by Ronco: An Interns Perspective

Posted by Courtney Black on 10/08/16 12:40 PM
Courtney Black

This blog has been the hardest to write for me by far. Not the ones about all the telephony and SIP trunks and unified communication, but the one that I am talking about my summer experience in Tonawanada, NY.

My internship at Ronco has taught me more than I could have imagined. As a marketing intern, I wasn't quite sure what my team would be having me embark on this summer. But the beauty of being a marketing major was that I was able to have more than one duty in the work day. From authoring blog posts, to learning how to do a mail merge for over 150 people, I have learned so much over the past months that I can take with me in my continuing education and in my future career. 

Before starting my internship I had known about Ronco because I grew up seeing the "Ronco red" trucks driving around neighborhoods all around me- but who were these infamous red Ronco employees, and what were they going to teach me? 

The first thing I learned from Ronco was that I'm not alone. Coming into this position, I felt that I had no idea where I wanted my marketing degree to take me. Ronco has given me the opportunity to take the skills I had already learned in school and combine them with any industry I want to work for and that my career may take me anywhere. With the support and guidance of my fabulous bosses I was able to produce actual content for the company and was able to see its impact. I was believed in. I wasn't that intern you see portrayed in movies- getting coffee and taking lunch orders, I was a part of the team. 

The second thing I learned from Ronco was that brand recognition is key. Like I mentioned above, I grew up seeing "Ronco Red". I learned the importance of keeping what you want your company to be remembered for the main focus of your marketing efforts. Yeah, it's possible to produce some really cool content, but if that product doesn't tie back into what your company is known for then it is no good. The "Ronco Red" trucks have made the company recognizable and the employees that drive those red trucks are the backbone of why Ronco is as great as they are today.

Lastly, my experience at Ronco helped me better understand what my future would look like working for a company that is truly a close-knit community. I wasn't confined to a cubical in an atmosphere that was stuffy and quiet. Instead I got to work closely with the marketing team. I was surrounded by people who were truly passionate about their jobs and the company they worked for. I was able to see their hard work and dedication reap the benefits. Every customer survey I did this summer had a customer raving about how committed and knowledgeable their tech was, or how much they love working with Ronco. To me, that is what made working for Ronco Communications something special. 

Most internships will enable you to work closely with your team and develop relationships within the organization. But I feel that the time I have spent at Ronco has been invaluable. The people, the every day office life- it was all made special by employees who love their company and who want to succeed.