Solution Spotlight: Avaya IP Office Platform

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 22/08/17 03:18 PM
Emmi Sauls

With user experience at the root of business success, it is more imperative than ever to optimize customer and employee satisfaction. 2 out of every 5 of your customers will make the move to your competitor based solely on their superior customer service even if that means settling for an inferior product or service. It's easy to boost that satisfaction, strengthen customer relationships and empower employee productivity with the implementation of the right technology solutions. Turn customer engagement into YOUR competitive advantage with the Avaya IP Office Platform.


What is the Avaya IP Office Platform?
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The Avaya IP Office Platform is a "simple, powerful, unified collaboration solution." This purpose-built system works to combine collaboration, mobility, contact center, networking, security, video and support services accessible from a single source. Enabling employees and customers to stay connected at any place, anytime and on any device, while scaling to meet your ever-changing communications needs, IP Office makes it affordable to transition into a seamless communication system.

How does it work?
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IP Office provides small, medium and large enterprises a complete telephony system capable of supporting collaboration software and business communication technologies. Available in many deployment models based on the size of the enterprise and the features required for each, IP Office provides completely flexible options including traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and/or VoIP Telephony with trunk support. In layman's terms, the flexibility of the IP Office caters to all flavors of a telephone system- a.k.a., you can have your cake and eat it too without anyone knowing the wiser. This system has data capabilities built-in, providing routing, switching and firewall protection between LAN and WAN (LAN2).

In addition to basic telephony services, IP Office offers both traditional phone and soft phone options. Soft phone options make remote working possible with a seamless connection between desktops and mobile devices. This system combines flexible solutions with a budget-friendly system to ensure that your communications solutions optimize both customer and employee satisfaction.

What's new?
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With a handful of versions of IP Office, it is essentially effortless to determine which fits your organization best. According to Avaya's IPO Brochure, the newest release features:

Streamlined Deployment 
Fewer install steps, simpler client installs and more auto detection for a faster implementation.

Easier Management
Centralized licensing, extended diagnostics and proactive voice quality monitoring to keep the system up and running smoothly.

Resiliency & Security Improvements
Unique resilient architecture and built-in, always-on security critical for systems in the cloud.

Increased Capacity
Increase system capacity with a reduced footprint, and up to 50% less memory required to scale as you grow.

Rich User Experience
Extended Avaya client functionality, improved web collaboration experience and richer APIs to integrate with whatever solutions your business needs.  


How can it benefit my company?
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Improves Employee Productivity
Keep employees connected with an integrated system using one single number. Seamless communications allows employees to use any mobile or home phone number as an office phone extension. Encouraging work-life balance prevents loss of productivity caused by unforeseen circumstances like illness.

Saves on Costs
IP Office has on average 25% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than comparable solutions. Reducing TCO is a product of staying current with the latest updates for the most scalable, cost-effective solution. Relying on a built-in conferencing bridge saves on third-party conferencing systems. Self-service phone directories reduce spending on additional people on staff. Making the move to the cloud outsources IT complexities and costs and provides pay-per-use model for greater financial flexibility.  

Empowers Customer Engagement
With call routing and self-service phone directories, your customer gets through quickly to the right person. Implementing a multichannel communications system enhances your customer's experience allowing them to utilize whichever platform best fits their needs- think website forums, social media pages, etc. On top of improving customer satisfaction, IP Office supports reporting tools used to gauge how well your business is supporting its customers.

Avaya IP Office Platform offers much more than traditional business phone systems. Partnering with Avaya, Ronco Communications stays in the forefront of sophisticated communications systems- because we understand the value of a vendor and the imperative nature of keeping people connected.

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