How Millennials are Helping Shape the Future of Communications

Posted by Christina Aguglia on 10/17/16 1:30 PM

Digital communication has become second nature to most millennials - growing up using tablets, laptops, and smartphones, this generation especially is used to instantaneous communication.  Whether its texting, Snapchat, or Facebook, they're expectation is to have "immediate gratification". For your business this means that from here on out you can expect your millennial employees to get frustrated by the legacy systems that lack speed and modern amenities.  


Generation Y has become dependent on in their communication devices - though they aren't the only ones.  Blending both professional and personal time, mobile devices allow this generation to stay connected to both worlds simultaneously.  Could you imagine even 10 years ago, having your work email at your fingertips no matter where you are?  Often, with this comes the expectation that everyone is consistently connected.  Within a business however, it's not that easy to get a whole company on board with utilizing this quicker more responsive technology.  It is important to spend time considering what initiatives you are going to put in place to provide the best tool set based on the composition of your company today and in the near future.

Unified communications, as we have talked about in the blog, 5 Top UC Features that your team needs can be a solution.  Helping bring together the multiple methods of communication into a singular application providing a cohesive interface for all.   The result - a more agile connected workforce that consistently produces excellent business outcomes!

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