Captive Portals: Why They Are Important for Guest Wi-Fi

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 7/13/17 2:05 PM

Remember the last time you logged onto the guest WiFi at your favorite coffee shop?  Or perhaps in the waiting room at your doctor office?  If it was setup correctly, you were most likely directed to a login page - or what in the industry is better known as a "captive portal" page. For the end user, this page looks like any other webpage, but if you are the provider of this public network, it is actually an integral part of your overall business strategy.

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Why is my Wi-Fi so slow?

Posted by Liz Sujka on 1/12/17 3:06 PM

When it comes to Wi-Fi one of the most common questions expressed by consumers is, "Why is my Wi-Fi so slow?" Is that a perception or is that a reality?  Do Wi-Fi networks really consistently under-perform?   Well, lets take a look at how Wi-Fi functions at least by default here in the US.

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