Developing a UC Strategy: 5 Helpful Hints

Posted by Courtney Black on 10/5/16 10:21 AM

In order to develop a unified communications (UC) strategy for your company, you have to do your research. The most important features in UC are often overlooked or understated at first...

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Crafting Effective UC Training

Posted by Liz Sujka on 9/14/16 1:11 PM

To get the most out of your UC investment we have found the implementation of a usage and adoption program to be essential in teaching your employees first how to use the communication tools, and second to learn how it can benefit them.I

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5 Top UC Features That Your Team Needs

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/21/16 2:13 PM

By now you know that having a unified communications system in the workplace is a must. So you're more than likely tired of reading the lists of all the features that UC offers. But are you aware of the problems some of the features UC will solve for your team?







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