The Essentials Guide to Understanding Business Communications: Part I

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 4/12/17 11:42 AM

It is clear that many trends in business are changing as time goes on and as technology evolves. With change becoming a constant, how we communicate with one another is also in flux. Keeping in touch with new ideas is not only necessary to set you apart from your competiton, but to bring these new innovations to your customer experience. In the first part of our series, we will discuss the 3 most common types of communication in the workforce--Voice, Data, and Video

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Your 5 Second Read on Why IM Matters.

Posted by Liz Sujka on 3/3/17 11:34 AM

It's kind of funny to ask but, what would life be like without texting?   Could you even imagine buying a brand new mobile phone today that didn't have any measure of texting capability?  NO... and why you ask?  It's because the world processes things at different speeds these days. There's a certain expectation that comes with instant messaging and typically that is fast and easy communication-a simple message requiring a simple response without having to lift up a handset. 

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What Can Video Collaboration Do For You?

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 2/9/17 10:22 AM

Video collaboration is changing the way we do business all around the world. Using video conferencing can be very beneficial to you and your company when working with several other people and companies on a day to day basis. It's becoming an essential tool in business and has improved many aspects of the way we work.

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4 Reasons Companies Should have Social Media Pages

Posted by Megan Zenger on 12/21/16 10:59 AM

Social media users no longer discrinate by age, in 2016 more people are utilizing social media now than ever. Today, customers are purposefully engaging with brands, interacting on different platforms to give feedback to other brand users and even the brand or company itself. Without social media pages, brands are missing a valuable way to relate and communicate with customers. Below are 4 key reasons companies and brands should have social media pages:


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Unified Communications: Your Favorite Social Platform

Posted by Christina Aguglia on 12/21/16 10:50 AM

Unified communications (UC) systems makes communicating easier. Just like other social platforms you're familiar with, UC features simplify the way users chat, share, and collaborate with one another making everyone's job easier by optimizing your time and effort. Below are all the reasons UC should be (if it isn't already) your favorite social platform: 

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