Organize Your Workspace: Never Too Early to Think Spring Cleaning!

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 3/1/17 12:43 PM

As the spring time approaches, many of us will take the time to do some spring cleaning around the house, in our cars, offices, etc. But what about your workspace and your technology?
"How do I know when it's time to clean up my desktop?"
If you have to ask then you should probably read this!
Maintaining your desktop and organizing your files on your device is time consuming, especially if you've neglected to do so over a long period of time. However, it will be beneficial in the long run and will result in better performance overall- who doesn't love faster internet speed and a sense of accomplishment!?


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What is Metro Ethernet?

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 2/22/17 1:04 PM

Metro Ethernet, sometimes referred to as a point to point, carrier ethernet, or MAN, is a private data connection securely connecting two or more locations within a metropolitan area with fast possibly even gigabit data speeds. It usually consists of a collection of layer 2 or layer 3 switches or routers connected through optical fiber. This type of circuit functions as a closed network data transport service which does not release information to the public internet and is extremely secure with no data encryption necessary.

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What is Dark Fiber?

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 2/20/17 11:44 AM

What is dark fiber networking? How do I know if I have it? And if I do, what does it mean to my company?

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What Can Video Collaboration Do For You?

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 2/9/17 10:22 AM

Video collaboration is changing the way we do business all around the world. Using video conferencing can be very beneficial to you and your company when working with several other people and companies on a day to day basis. It's becoming an essential tool in business and has improved many aspects of the way we work.

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The Remote Worker Allure: Millennials in the Workplace

Posted by Emmi Sauls on 1/30/17 1:26 PM

Imagine being able to work from anywhere, at any time. Your work day becomes dramatically different and dare we say... customizable. What a crazy concept, right? Telecommuting is quickly becoming an attractive option for many employees, but especially Millennials.

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