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4 Problems a VoIP System Can Solve

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/13/16 2:19 PM

Despite multiple newer features such as; instant messaging, email, and video conferencing- the typical user of a business communications system still primarily relys on voice as a vital part of their daily operations. Some businesses are still using traditional PSTN phone systems! Crazy, right?

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Topics: VoIP, VoIP Solutions

Unified Communications Etiquette Tips

Posted by Courtney Black on 7/12/16 11:15 AM

Table manners, social etiquette, and bedside manners- You’ve heard of these, but have you heard of unified communications etiquette? You should probably learn them now so you aren't like "that guy" who uses the entree fork before the salad fork.

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Why Should I Care About Communication?

Posted by Courtney Black on 6/24/16 9:09 AM


Every day we see something being invented, a new phone or an app. All of this new technology seems to make tasks so much easier. Think about the time it took us to drive and find what we were looking for...(remember calling a store to see if they had what we wanted? With amazon, it is almost a complete thing of the past).

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