How Millennials are Helping Shape the Future of Communications

Posted by Courtney Black on 10/17/16 1:30 PM

Digital communication has become second nature to most millennials - growing up using tablets, laptops, and smartphones, this generation especially is used to instantaneous communication.  Whether its texting, Snapchat, or Facebook, they're expectation is to have "immediate gratification". For your business this means that from here on out you can expect your millennial employees to get frustrated by the legacy systems that lack speed and modern amenities.  

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Developing a UC Strategy: 5 Helpful Hints

Posted by Courtney Black on 10/5/16 10:21 AM

In order to develop a unified communications (UC) strategy for your company, you have to do your research. The most important features in UC are often overlooked or understated at first...

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Personnel Training or Survival of the Fittest?

Posted by Liz Sujka on 9/27/16 9:56 AM

Have you ever asked a co-worker how to do something on the computer and then they invite the whole team over to be trained? This quickly turns into Survival of The Fittest- Cubical Twister Eddition! Right hand on mouse, left hand on keyboard, guard your viewing hole eveyone 7 foot Jack is approaching! This cubicle was not designed for more than one person! 

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Crafting Effective UC Training

Posted by Liz Sujka on 9/14/16 1:11 PM

To get the most out of your UC investment we have found the implementation of a usage and adoption program to be essential in teaching your employees first how to use the communication tools, and second to learn how it can benefit them.Training.jpgImage courtacy of

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The Truth Behind: Hosted vs. Premise Based Solutions Checklist

Posted by Courtney Black on 9/1/16 2:33 PM

Choosing between an on-site or cloud based phone system can be a challenge to say the least. No two businesses are exactly the same and no one solution will fit all business models. One business may benefit from the

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