Calling It Quits?

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 5/18/17 11:32 AM

Everyone runs into problems in the workplace. Whether your staff isn't up to par, a package doesn't go out on time or you don't get the approval for funding you worked so hard for. But what happens when you're having problems with a vendor and/or service provider partnered with your company? There are many times where we ask ourselves what to do in a situation like this. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many solutions to these problems. In the case where your current service provider is not living up to their promises, they aren't fast enough for your liking, or they are too expensive, you must make the decision to look elsewhere. So how do you know when it's time to "break up" with a bad vendor? Let's take a look...

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Topics: Customer Service, Communications, Business Relationships

The Essentials Guide to Understanding Business Communications: Part IV

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 4/28/17 12:32 PM

In this series, we have covered- different types of communication, how they are delivered, and how you can manage them. So now what?  We all know that the greatest ROI is realized when the system is implemented correctly the first time and adopted by all users. To do this we are giving you the 5 MOST important steps for deployment success. You'll need to think critically about how the entire business will be affected, how can your work stand out from your competitors, and what is the most efficient way to go about this?

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The Essentials Guide to Understanding Business Communications-Part III

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 4/24/17 12:33 PM

This next topic in our series will shed light on the adoption styles of this application based technology.  In the past, the phone system came with a list of features that it was capable of performing.  Today, applications can represent the features and can be brought into an organization in an ad-hoc implementation.  Meaning if there is a need, an application can be brought in to solve that specific issue.  That structure can make sense for an organization especially if it is smaller, but as it grows, ad-hoc delivery can cost more than you would think.  Costs associated to employee training, fractured business processes and never ending monthly charges, all can impact the bottom line.  However, it is important to know your options and choose the best way for you to manage your services and how this management will benefit you and your business down the line.

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The Essentials Guide to Understanding Business Communications: Part II

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 4/17/17 12:37 PM

Now that we understand what types of communications are foundationally important in today's business environment - voice, video, and data (Part l of lV blog series) we need to further understand functional methods available for delivery.  It is essential to recognize that every organization has unique requirements that may or may not require a customized solution.  Knowing the advantages and disadvantages for each delivery architecture is the best way to begin the analysis of which of solution is best for your needs.   

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The Essentials Guide to Understanding Business Communications: Part I

Posted by Morgan Hurley on 4/12/17 11:42 AM

It is clear that many trends in business are changing as time goes on and as technology evolves. With change becoming a constant, how we communicate with one another is also in flux. Keeping in touch with new ideas is not only necessary to set you apart from your competiton, but to bring these new innovations to your customer experience. In the first part of our series, we will discuss the 3 most common types of communication in the workforce--Voice, Data, and Video

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Topics: Unified Communications, UC Features, Networking Solutions